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Maze, Maze What do I do???



150 are in a maze. There are five doors in the first stage. Two doors lead to the next stage. What is the probability of going to stage 2? In the second stage the two doors connect and meet to three different doors. One door is the door to victory.  What is the probability of making it all the way through the maze? How many people will win? Draw the maze to help you.


Is that a marble on your Iphone?

The age old question:  If you reach into a bag of marbles and pull one out what is the probability of pulling out…….  While you may have heard this many times and are sick of this example, people from the state still love this question. So make sure you can answer questions like:  There are 7 red marbles, 6 blue marbles and 4 green marbles in a bag.  What is the probability Mario will reach in the bag and pull out a green one.

ASK questions like to relate math to what they think students still like.  I don’t know any sixth graders who play with marbles.  Do you?  So I have adapted this question, the best I can, to something a little more pop culture. 

If you found this Iphone and were not sure what the apps were for and you chose one at random, what are the odds you would choose an app with a house on it?  How about what are the odds of choosing the clock function on this phone?  try it.

PropiDelicacy Deli…

What?  It’s Italian!  There really is nothing like a good sandwich, yum… There are just so many possibilities.  How many sandwiches could you make with the following ingredients.   Be sure to choose one type of bread, one type of cheese, one type of spread and one type of meat.  Hey I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it!  Alright, alright, enough…  Here is the task.  How many different sandwiches can you make?  What would be you choice of sandwich?  Give us the details.

Breads:  Honey Wheat, Whole wheat, White, Potatoe

Cheese:  American, provolone, swiss

Lunch meat:  Turkey, Ham, Roast beef

Spread:  Mayo, Mustard, Plain

Make a tree diagram on another piece of paper to help you…try to use fractions to calculate your answer.  Do your best to explain how you cam up with your answer.

Wheel of Fortune!!!

It’s America’s favorite game show host Mr. Sorrentino!

“Welcome, Welcome, thank you Bob and hello America.”

Why is wheel of fortune so popular?  Its has been on TV as long as Mr. Sorentino has been alive and still has a prime time viewing slot on a major tv network!  Think about the odds of this game.  Do a little research and see if you can figure out the odds of some of the unpopular spots on the wheel.  How about the probability of winning the game itself.? Is that based soley on a wheel spin?  If you were the producer of this show, how would you make sure you weren’t giving away to much money and taking away money from your own profits? How would you keeps your viewers interested and contestants still willing and excited to play? 

Check out the wheel of fortune link under probability.  Use NLVM to make your own wheel and have some people take some spins!

Happy ST. Patrick’s Day!

I’m sure we all did well on the test today, right Lads and Lasses?  Well,  we in (6a) are definitely tapping into our Irish roots in math today with a fun activity introducing Probability.  You may not be a fan of Lucky Charms, but it is a good way to introduce this new concept to math.  Remember Math is in everything.   Even a cereal company uses math to come up with a formula  to tell the factory machines how many marshmallows they need in each box. Now that’s way cool math!  Do some research.  How else could we use probability.  What other cereals could we experiment with?  Be creative.

Warning:  Do not eat the cereal before doing the mathematical calculations.